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Statik Futbol Club

Here at Statik FC we are set apart by the professional methodology we follow.  We do not care whether a game finishes in a loss/win/tie.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure our players are fully formed to excel in their future as soccer players on and off the field.


Open practices are held for players and coaches to meet and get to know each other before official tryouts and signing of contracts for competitive club.  "Competitive Club" is a higher level of team in comparison to recreational soccer.  This requires more time and effort from the players/parents.  However, with the right coaching and hard work from the player, the player should excel more than they would in recreational soccer.


$1,000 covers Fall and Spring (July 1st to June 30th)

Fees cover the following:

  • All Uniforms
  • Bag
  • Sweats
  • All Registrations (except indoor league fees)
  • Any tournament fees (amount of tournaments is at the coach's discretion)
  • All training fees
  • All training equipment used for the team
  • All field fees as we have our own facilities and field
  • All ref fees

*Fundraising options/Sponsorships can be attained by the parent for those in need as we are a non-profit organization. Please contact Janet De Anda (432) 553-6230 for more information. 

Soccer is the fastest growing sport in West Texas, and Statik FC is the best developmental tool for any individual (ball skills, decision-making, transitioning between offense and defense, making combination plays, as well as maintaining team shape and balance). Our goal is to develop complete soccer players.

We believe learning is priority one for any young player. Take the time to consider all options for your kids.


This club teaches players to be strong, determined, and focused in all their goals.


To become part of our club, contact Janet De Anda at (432) 553-6230

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