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Q:  What’s the cost to play indoor?

    3v3  which is only for U7 and below: $40 per player 

    7v7 which is only for U8 and above: $70 per player flat fee whether with a team or not.


Q: My kids play outdoor soccer, can they play indoor too?

    Yes! Of course, ideally our indoor seasons are meant for those who want to keep in shape or keep their kids active during their off season from outdoor.  That’s why our seasons are in the summer and winter.


Q: My kids have never played soccer before, can they play indoor?

    Indoor in our league is open to everyone but ideally it’s for teams who play outdoor that want to stay together and in shape.  Depending on the age, they tend to pick the sport up pretty easy.  Playing indoor has been a good introduction to the sport for many. Later kids understand the game a little more and then are able to pick up outdoor soccer faster.  The downside is we don’t require practices and only are in charge of games, as many parents like to take time off during the season, it’s up to the volunteer coach if they want and can practice. 


Q: When are practices and games?

    We don’t require practices and only are in charge of games.  As this league is usually for teams and we know most like to take time off during the summer as well as parents who have kids playing outdoor soccer.  If the volunteer coach decides to practice then great and even better.  

    Games usually take place on Thursday evenings after 6 pm, Friday evenings after 6 pm, Saturdays all day (times vary), Sundays after 2 pm.  Schedules rotate unless a team specifically request a certain time or day of the week.


Q: I’ve signed my child up for indoor, now what?

    If your player already has a team and that team is for sure signing up for indoor then all you have to do is stay in contact with the coach. You will deal directly with them.

    If you player does not have a team then you should start preparing their gear (soccer cleats, indoor shoes etc), shinguards.  You will receive a text from us giving you game time, what color shirt to wear, what color shorts to wear. Reply that you have received the text and on game day arrive 15-20 minutes before.  If  a parent decides to coach the team your child is on then they will contact you separately and you can ask them any questions about practices or color to wear.  


Q: Who will my kids coach be?

    After I set the teams, I contact all parents and ask if there is anyone willing to volunteer or anyone they know who would like to be a coach.  I won’t disband or undo any teams without a coach, we can be in charge of them but it runs smoother when a responsible parent can be in charge. 



Q:  What does it take to be an indoor coach?

    It takes a willing heart. That’s it.  As we stated above, practices are not required but if you want to practice go ahead.  What we ask is really to be one that contacts parents, tells them what they should wear, in case of any cancellations lets the parents know, makes sure that you will have players for each game, and at game time gets the kids set up and subbed out at appropriate times.


Q: How do I sign up to coach?

    All you have to do is text (432) 553-6230 and request to coach with your full name and which team or with which player you wish to coach.  Yes you can request to coach your nieces/nephews team etc.


Q:  Does each player get 50/50 playing time? What if they don’t get to attend practices?

    If a team signs up as a team, we will have no say in their playing time.  That will be up to the coach.  

    If it is a team that we put together of individual sign ups then yes, each player should play 50% of each game whether they attend practice or not.  You as the parent though should keep in mind that kids even at a young age want to win (it’s natural instinct) so if your child could improve by going to practices if your coach is hosting them then we recommend you do so. 


Q: My team all play other sports during the season can we request a certain time or day?

    Yes, absolutely, I will try my best to get you scheduled on that day or time.  For the most part we are able to accommodate.  


Q:  My team will be out of town for tournaments, can we request a weekend off?

    Yes, any dates that will conflict please send them to me via text to (432) 553-6230 with AGE GROUP, COACH NAME and TEAM NAME before the registration deadline and I can do my best to give you those dates off


Q: How many games do they play?

    I try to give each team at least 8 games. This all depends on how many teams I have in each age group.


Q:  Do they play with goalies?

    3v3 does not have goalies though naturally a player will want to stand by the goal.  We discourage this as we want all kids to play and not just stand. 

    7v7 does have goalies.  


Q: Can we practice in the facility?

    Yes, we rent the facility out depending on availability.  We do have academy and club teams who have priority so availability is limited. 


Q: How much to rent the facility and how can we rent it?

    Cost is as follows: 

        3v3: $8 per player per hour with a minimum of $48 per hour

            (i.e. if you have less than 6 players at practice then it is $48, if you have 6 or more it is $8 per player)

        7v7: $13 per player per hour with a minimum of $130 per hour

            (i.e. if you have less than 10 players at practice then it is $130, if you have 10 or more it is $13 per player)